BANX is a luxury streetwear brand for the forward-thinking, the rebellious and the innovators making change.

Founded in 2013 by Sylvester Naing in Perth, Australia, and expanded into a collective in 2016. BANX has grown into one of Perth’s leading luxury streetwear and concept brand, creating a new community of rebellious creators in fashion, music, design and events.

The name BANX comes from the philosophy of reinvesting back into the brand and building from the ground up. BANX, like the homophone banks, acts as an institution. But comes from a desire to go against traditional corporations and attitudes. To instead, trust and invest in yourself.

BANX encourages deep, intrinsic, forward-thinking through high-end streetwear. With a focus on strength and innovation, BANX is renowned for its combination of tactical and utilitarian-focused designs.

est. 2014